This AWARENESS WEEK will take place during the 3rd week of AUGUST 

 --Dates to be announced.

Many couples are waiting for an available infant.

 Choose life for your baby, and choose to place them with a loving couple. Resources below.

Sidewalk in front of Met hospital.  at NOON, for ONE hour.

Scroll Down for lots of Resources!!

Adoption Resources

Adoption Council of Ontario

Adopt Ontario

Canada Adopts

Adoption Council of Canada

Child Welfare League of Canada

Canada’s Waiting Children

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


Beginnings Family Services/Adoption services , email =, Toll-free 1-877-528-6665, Woodstock ON # 1-519-421-2127

Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society 519-252-1171,,

 email =

●  1.  VIDEO Adoptive Mom’s Story

●  2.  Types of Adoption Canada 

●  3.  VIDEO A Birth Mom’s Adoption story              

●  4.  VIDEO How adoption works in Ontario              

●  5.  Adoption Stories

●  6.  Adoption Stories                                                         

●  7.  Children’s Books

●  8.  USA site, but has good info