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   APRIL 18 – 22  --  Awareness Week: Sex-Selective Abortion. SSA happens in Canada.  More Girls die.  It is estimated that there are 5000 missing girls that should have been born.....aborted because they were not the 'preferred' sex.

  (All Awareness Weeks will be on  T, W, Th, F, Sat at NOON. Sidewalk in front of Met hospital.   Signs will be provided. Come out for ONE hour to defend LIFE!)

  MAY 7 (Sunday)  --  Local March for Life and Silent Vigil. Meet at Immaculate Heart Church Hall. ..                                   ..                                          at 2:15 pm.. March will proceed to the vigil site at the hospital.                

  MAY 11 (Thursday)  -- National March for Life in Ottawa. Theme: Stand Firm.  Go to for details

.MAY 12 (Friday)  --  Toronto March for Life. Details at

  MAY 16 – 20  --  Awareness Week offering information on Resources and Help for Pregnant Women.  Many women choose life when they know where to obtain help and support.

  JUNE 20 – 24  --  Awareness Week: the Importance and Responsibilities of Fatherhood.   .                          ..                                      We will convey that the fathers need to support life too! Dads make a difference!

  JUNE 28 (Wednesday)  -- WERTL Annual General Meeting - 7:30 pm at the office (RSVP by phone or email)

  JULY 18 – 22    --  Awareness WeekAbortion is a Human Rights Violation 

  AUGUST 15 – 19 --  Awareness Week: Adoption, not Abortion – promoting this loving option

  SEPTEMBER dates TBA  --  Awareness Week Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide (numbers are increasing ..                                             ..                                              and plans are in place to offer MAiD to those with only mental health conditions)

  SEPTEMBER 23 (Saturday)  --  WALKATHON - meet at the Riverside Sportsmen Club - 10 am

  SEPTEMBER 27 (Wednesday)  --  Fall Campaign for 40 Days for Life begins

  OCTOBER 1 (Sunday)  --  International Life Chain (most likely 2 - 3 pm) check back....

  NOVEMBER 5 (Sunday)  --  Final day of the 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign

  NOVEMBER 17 (Friday)  --  ANNUAL DINNER at the CIOCIARO Club!- details in next newsletter

  NOVEMBER 21 – 25  --   Awareness Week: Prenatal Diagnosis/Right to Life of the Disabled – ..                                        Nobody’s perfect, but everyone deserves a chance at LIFE!

  DECEMBER 12 – 16  --  Awareness Week: Celebrating the Family and the Beauty of Birth