Life Chain - 8 Locations First Sunday in October

Every year on the first Sunday of October, LIFE CHAIN invites everyone across North America to stand on a designated sidewalk to pray for an hour, while holding a sign with a peaceful message on it. See below for examples.

It's an Annual day of public witness for children killed by abortion.

Our local signs also invite prayer for those killed through Euthanasia. Life Chain is held simultaneously in more than 200 locations across Canada each year.

Life Chain will be held on Sunday, October 3, 2021 -- from 2:30 to 3:30 pm

Physical distancing protocols to be maintained


1. Commit to being peaceful. It is very unlikely that you will meet counter-demonstrators. If any arrive, do not physically interfere with them or any passersby and do not jostle for position if they block your Life Chain signs.

2. Avoid frivolity and arguments. Life Chain is a silent prayer vigil. Remain silent if vehicle passengers voice their opposition.

3. Refer media, police, or business owners who want information to the organizer. Notify the organizer of any misconduct from counter-protesters or passersby, so that he/she can handle it appropriately and ensure it is recorded.

4. Please arrive promptly, accounting for the time required for parking/positioning. Stand on the sidewalk, facing traffic with your sign, ensuring you do not block pedestrians, driveways, or drivers’ sightlines. Use crosswalks and do not hold up traffic.

5. Please take care of your signs and RETURN them to the organizer for future Life Chains. Please do not extend your sign beyond the curb.

6. Please do NOT display other signs, or distribute material other than that which is provided, unless the organizer permits you to do so.

7. Watch your small children at all times.

8. Please bring a mask or face covering and use as/if needed.

9. Please maintain a 2-metre distance from fellow Life Chain participants and passersby at all times, unless they are in your household or bubble.

10. Please follow all instructions from your local Life Chain organizer, especially ones pertaining to local COVID-19 protocols.

11. Please DO NOT attend Life Chain if you:

a. are feeling ill or have (or suspect you could have) COVID-19.

b. have had close contact with someone in the past 14 days who is ill or has or is suspected of having COVID-19.

c. have travelled out-of-country in the past 14 days.

d. are worried about the risk to your own health or the health of someone in your social circle.

Thank you for standing up for LIFE, for defending the weak and for

maintaining a prayerful spirit!