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If you were around in May 1975, you may recall the Petition of One Million. It was initiated by Alliance for Life Canada, gathered 1,027,425 signatures and gained support from MPs, pro-life groups, churches, organizations and individuals from coast to coast.

The petition was presented in the House of Commons on May 29th, 1975 following a rally on Parliament Hill. Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his government disregarded this plea to protect the lives of Canada’s unborn children.

Although more than forty years have passed since the first petition, Canadians are still waiting for the Canadian government to provide protection for children in the womb. We know more about life in the womb than we did decades ago and the empirical evidence proving the harmful effects of abortion on women, families and society is undeniable and yet the debate around the issue of abortion remains stifled.

That’s why we’re launching a new petition asking PM Justin Trudeau to provide full legal protection for Canadian pre-born children.