Educational Awareness Weeks

Every year, for 10 out of 12 months, we run an Educational Awareness Week (3rd week of the month / Tuesday - Saturday).

Each month has a distinct Pro-Life theme.

February: Conscience Rights for Health Care Workers

Conscience rights refer to the right of doctors, nurses and other health care workers to refuse to provide/assist with abortions or participate in the Euthanasia of patients - MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) due to their concerns. Without conscience rights, doctors who are against killing patients will be mandated by law to provide them.

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April: Sex-Selective Abortions

More female babies are aborted than males. This is happening all over the world, and sadly, it also happens in Canada.

"It's a Girl"  should not be a death sentence. Every human being is valuable, no matter their gender.

Visit here for resources on sex-selective abortions!

Many people are not aware that sex-selective abortions happen in Canada, and it's usually the pre-born girls who are targeted. Abortions are allowed for the simple reason that a particular sex is not wanted. It is estimated that more than 100 million pre-born girls have been aborted worldwide over the last 25 years because male babies were preferred.  Furthermore,  it is estimated that there are close to 5000 "missing girls" who should have been born. 

Although this happens across many ethnic groups, one study found the sex ratios among Southeast-Asian immigrants became increasingly skewed for each subsequent birth where the previous children were girls.

In some populations, there are two boys born for every girl.

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May: Help and Resources for Women

Many women will choose life if they know that there is support available. That is why we devote the month of May to educating and spreading awareness of the various resources available for women everywhere. Windsor has various local agencies that provide help for pregnant women and for women with newborns.

You can see the signs we use for this month's awareness week:

June: The Importance of Fatherhood

Parenting is typically a two-person job. When a child has both the mother and father to rely on, they are able to prosper. Because of this, we recognize the importance of fatherhood in June (also the month of Father's Day).

Visit here for some resources on the effects a fatherless home has on a child.

Dads need to stand up and protect life!

July: Abortion is a Human Rights Violation

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August: Adoption not Abortion

Adoption is the loving option! Visit here for adoption resources.

Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent fetus, while Adoption gives couples a chance to raise the child!

Visit here for information and stories related to adoption in Canada.

September: Euthanasia

Canada has the most permissive euthanasia laws in the world.

Euthanasia is on the rise in Canada. The Pro-Life movement is about standing up for life at all stages! Our citizens need to be made aware or reminded that real people are being killed by Euthanasia in our city and everywhere in Canada.

Have a look at some of our volunteers in the following pictures:

More information at the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

November: Disability Rights

Nobody's perfect, but every human being has the right to their life.

Plemty of abortions across the world occur due to a prenatal diagnosis (that is, a doctor finding some sort of physical or mental disability earlier on during the pregnancy). In fact, places like Iceland and Denmark say they "cured down syndrome".

How did they do this? Did they find a vaccine that somehow reverses the effects of down syndrome? Did they discover some sort of drug these people can take?

Nope. They killed them before they were even born.

This is a blatant violation of their human rights. Every baby, no matter what, deserves the chance of life.

See us in action:

December: Beauty of Birth & Importance of Family

In December, as we celebrate Christmas, we also celebrate the beauty of birth and the importance of family. There is a lot of fear around getting pregnant when it is one of the most beautiful things!

Check out our signs: