The Dignity of Human Life Award

Dignity of Human Life Award 2024

 Application is open to all gr. 12 graduating students.

Award Amount: $500 & Trophy


Application Deadline: May 31, 2025, at 11:59 pm



Award Criteria:


1)    A student who shows, inside and/or outside of the classroom, a faith-based and mature understanding and respect for the dignity of all human life, made in God’s image and likeness, from womb to tomb.


2)    The student is to submit an essay  (minimum of 250 words or more) showing his/her understanding and involvement in the care and respect for vulnerable members of society, including the sick, the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the mentally ill and with a special focus on the respect for the sacred child in the womb and the holiness of motherhood.


3)    Students must include a letter of reference from a priest/pastor/faith-based organization or institution and/or a teacher/campus minister who can validate the experience in the above-mentioned areas.


4)    The student must send his/her essay and letter of reference to the following email address by the deadline:


The Windsor Essex County Right to Life Association Board of Directors (WERTL), which includes several teachers from across Windsor- Essex County, will read each submission and choose 1 Dignity of Human Life Award winner per school.


WERTL will contact each school that has student applications with the winning essay.


For more information or questions, please contact the Office Administrator, Sue Orcsik, at the above email address or phone 519 969 7555 Tuesday through Thursday 10 am -2 pm.