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From the Education Resource Fund (ERF) -- www.ERF.science:


The Education Resource Fund (ERF) recently announced an extraordinary new series of pregnancy-related science documentaries which illustrate the biology of prenatal development using sophisticated medical imaging technologies and procedures which enable researchers to visualize embryos and fetuses, alive in the uterus, with never-before seen clarity. 

ERF is a science foundation which produces films and other curricular materials that are now available in an app for mobile devices titled See Baby Grow. The app can be downloaded without charge from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store location (for Android). The materials in the app can also be accessed at www.ERF.science for streaming into classrooms and viewing on larger screens. 

Both the app and website provide a comprehensive compendium of science-based information related to prenatal development. ERF’s digital outlets also list links to instructional prenatal video and textual materials produced by sources such as PBS, the BBC, The National Geographic Society, The Discovery Channel, etc. ERF additionally posts links to a selection of embryology textbooks commonly used by medical and nursing schools. These textbooks are complemented by links to prenatal technical articles published in the periodic literature of medicine.

Embryonic and fetal educational content can also be accessed in select image archives linked on the ERF site. These sources include Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock, Wiki Commons, etc., etc. Each link provides fee-for-use licensing which permits the use of video, illustrations, and still photos, etc., related prenatal development.  

Many of ERF’s own video materials have been translated into subtitles for 92 foreign languages. Children’s editions of ERF prenatal teaching videos in English and Spanish, along with Mandarin Chinese and Hindi versions which are currently in production. More children’s foreign language editions are coming soon. These children’s programs are narrated by young children using age-appropriate scripts in their own languages.

The app and website additionally offer instructional materials for teachers and students in all age groups, from pre-K through medical school. These resources include teacher-designed lesson plans, lecture notes, testing materials, and also coloring pages which enable young children to fill in line drawings depicting embryonic and fetal growth.

For more advanced study, ERF’s site and app contain twelve high-resolution animations depicting major organ systems, each rendered in 3D models which can be rotated, tilted, etc. to permit viewing from a nearly infinite array of angles. These models present comparative anatomy information featuring, for instance, an internal perspective on the human heart as it appears in an 8-week embryo, a 16-week fetus, and the adult body. Each organ’s substructures are labeled inside each organ, and each substructure can be accessed by name through an alphabetized index. 

Women who are pregnant or who intend to become pregnant, may examine what is almost certainly the most interesting and informative pregnancy tracker on the web. Every major stage of pregnancy is displayed in actual video using rare endoscopic viewing technologies. Particularly remarkable developmental facts will also be offered for each of pregnancy’s 266 days of gestation.

This app will be constantly expanded to incorporate new tools. Features will include discussion forums for mothers who wish to interact with one another concerning matters related to their pregnancies. There will also be a news aggregator on which press reports will be regularly posted, explaining new developments in the science of prenatal development. Pregnant women will also be encouraged to post ultrasound scans of their own babies throughout gestation as well as photos of their infants and toddlers in early childhood.

Those who download this app can immediately begin posting its “Sharable Content” elements across all social media platforms. The imagery is amazing when viewed on a phone, but even more so on a tablet. Watching it on a computer or television screen, however, reveals the greatest degree of this astonishing detail.  

To obtain the See Baby Grow App for Apple (iOS), download from the Apple App Store at this link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/see-baby-grow/id1633494975.

To obtain the See Baby Grow App for Google Play (Android), download from Google Play App Store at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seebabygrow.erf.