Abortion Pill REVERSAL

Did you take the first Abortion Pill?  Do you have a change of Heart?  It may not be too late to save your baby. CALL 1-888-612-3960 for HELP.  Go to abortionpillreversal.ca  -  or scroll down to see the Web site below (includes an optional Live Chat for questions).  

VIDEO  --  Here is an in-depth discussion about Abortion Pill Reversal.


Timeline for video topics is below

Join us as we equip medical professionals with an understanding of the importance of abortion pill reversal in a post-Roe world, the tools to defend APR from a scientific standpoint, and guidance on how to begin providing this service to patients. Featuring guest speaker Dr. George Delgado, president of the Steno Institute, medical consultant to the Abortion Pill Reversal Network and founder of the abortion pill reversal network.

Resources mentioned in the video: Abortion Pill Reversal Network website: www.APRNWorldwide.com AAPLOG's Practice Guidelines on the Reversal of the Effects of Mifepristone by Progesterone: https://aaplog.org/wp-content/uploads... AAPLOG's statement on the Creinin study “debunking” APR: https://aaplog.org/wp-content/uploads... Email questions to: info@apr.life Updated APR protocol: https://aaplog.org/wp-content/uploads... Steno Institute website: www.StenoInstitute.org For more information about ACOG's alliance with the abortion industry: www.NotMyACOG.com APR resources: https://aaplog345-my.sharepoint.com/p... AAPLOG APR video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy9Uv...

 0:00:00 - Intro  0:04:37 - Why is APR important in a post-Roe world?  0:06:42 - How does APR work? Is it effective?  0:09:30 - Is APR “junk science”? What studies support it?  0:13:59 - Is APR safe? Doesn’t it cause birth defects?  0:18:18 - Who is allowed to provide APR and how?  0:19:51 - What can we do to stop the spread of AB?  0:25:03 - How is outcomes data being collected for APR?  0:26:33 - Is it safe to advertise APR w/ no local providers?  0:28:08 - Is there a registry to track APR outcomes?  0:28:45 - Is there medical liability coverage for providers?  0:29:50 - APR side effects?  0:31:34 - Should providers track progesterone levels?  0:32:50 - What form and route of progesterone is given?  0:36:09 - Difference b/ween progestins and progesterone?  0:38:05 - What’s the latest time you can provide APR?  0:39:45 - Should pregnancy centers fear lawsuits?  0:42:00 - Mental health and APR  0:46:33 - Is there a dosage adjustment for twins?  0:47:42 - How can providers and PRCs collaborate?  0:49:03 - International APR providers?  0:50:35 - How to advertise APR on Google?  0:52:10 - Why won’t ACOG recommend APR?  0:55:50 - What’s the average turnaround time for APR?  0:57:40 - Wrap-up