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WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING …… A DEBATE #2 Not a Human Until...’It’ is Bigger

When discussing abortion, you want to guide people to the idea that abortion is wrong. They need to convince themselves; you ‘telling’ them won’t be effective.


Last time we talked about the Human Rights Argument, which is a great tool for starting a conversation and changing a lot of minds. It doesn’t always work instantly though. Sometimes you hear objections. These objections typically fall into two categories. Yes, it is a human but it is my body and I can kill them if I don’t want them Or

No, it isn’t a human being until…..

Today we will be looking at the second objection. Most times, when someone says the preborn aren’t ‘actually’ human, their reason will fall into one of four general categories:

The Size of the child, the Level of development of the child, the Environment of the child, and the degree of Dependency the child has.

This is known as SLED.

Many people will point to how small the preborn are. A “clump of cells”, “smaller than my finger”, “just a zygote” are common phrases. The simplest way to handle this objection is to continue using questions and analogies to help guide them, and this method often leads them to change their own mind.

PC (Pro-Choice): “The preborn aren’t human because they are too small.”

You: “Does someone have more human rights because they are bigger? I’m taller than my little sister, is my life more valuable than hers?” Or - “Do those of us who are older and bigger have a right to kill those who are younger or smaller?”

PC: “Well no, I guess not, but because they are small they aren’t developed enough to be human…..”

(This objection will be answered in our next newsletter.)-------------------------------------------------