LIGHT CHAIN 2024 WILL TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 28th  at 5:30 pm (sunset) for one hour.  Meet on the sidewalk in front of Met Hospital. 

The "LIGHT CHAIN" is always observed on the evening of JANUARY 28th, in remembrance of the tragic decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, which stripped protection from the lives of all Pre-Born children.


A large percentage of the population is unaware that abortions are legal through all nine months; 

our banner informs them of this sad reality. 

"Contrary to what many Canadians think, the Supreme Court of Canada, in its landmark 1988 Morgentaler decision striking down Canada’s abortion law, did not recognize a constitutional right to abortion. Nor did the Court “settle” the abortion issue as is often claimed. Rather, the Court left it to Parliament to come up with a new abortion law that would balance the rights of women with the state’s interest in the protection of the fetus, without offending the Charter. "

CANADIAN STATISTICS:  Light Chain is all about the 'numbers'.  Over 4 million preborn Canadians have been aborted.  Approximately 300 are killed every day in Canada.  1 of 5 pregnancies ends in abortion.  Available signs to be displayed this evening will inform motorists of these facts.

UPDATE! Baby Saved.

Wonderful news! Windsor-Essex County Right to Life has met the $5000 goal for the August 3rd OB visit and retainer fee for the prenatal, labour, delivery, and postpartum services. The $11,350 hospital-stay cost that is due November 8th has also been raised through the generosity of people like you, organizations, and churches. There is even enough money collected should the mom or her child face any medical complications during the birth. Whatever is left over after all the hospital bills are paid will remain in a Baby Delivery Fund for future use for other pregnant women who find themselves in similar situations.

Thanks also for your prayers for this baby and for the couple faced with such a dire situation.

Our late summer Newsletter will contain an article about the couple, their pre-born baby and a full update.

Over $20,000 has been raised.

This baby is no longer in danger of being aborted.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Baby Fund.

Once the baby is born, the baby will be a Canadian citizen and will be covered by OHIP. It was the OBGYN, labour and delivery of the baby where no financial assistance was available. (Sadly, assistance in funding an abortion IS available.)

WERTL's Office Administrator will be accompanying the mom to her OB appointment and will personally give the doctor's office the cheque, making sure that the doctor receives the $5000 (which was due on June 29th, but they were kind enough to give us an extension).

Again, WERTL plans on placing any extra money that is collected in a 'Baby Delivery Fund' to be used when needed for other women who are pregnant and in similar situations.

If you would still like to donate to the 'Baby Fund' for future use, please see below. . . Please specify that this donation is for the BABY FUND.

1) Cheque: make a cheque out to Windsor-Essex County Right to Life. 2541 Jefferson Blvd. Windsor, ON N8T 2W5

2) E-Transfer to

3) A one-time credit card payment. Please phone 519 969 7555 and speak with Sue.

4) A donation through 'Canada Helps' via our website:

Click the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of any page, follow the directions and add Baby Fund in the Private Message Line or in the Dedication Information Section.

All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Thank You so much!





Dear Fellow Pro-lifers,

  A representative from MET Hospital has contacted Windsor-Essex County Right to Life requesting that we help a married couple from India who are living in Windsor.  The woman went in for an Abortion at 11 weeks gestation.  She was very distraught. They left the hospital, and the couple wants to keep their child, but they cannot afford the $5000 prenatal, labour and delivery fees, or the $11,350 two-night hospital stay.  The mom is currently a student but works part-time as a PSW.  Her husband works for a trucking company.  They are applying for Permanent Residence and though they have basic health coverage, they don’t have OHIP.  The $5000 labour and delivery fee is due on Aug. 3rd and is not covered by their insurance.  To date, we have enough $ collected to cover just the August 3rd fee.  We still need to cover the Hospital fee. Please help us save this child from death.  It would be a travesty if this child died because of a lack of money to pay doctor fees. We don’t want them to go back to the hospital for an abortion because of a lack of funds.  Unfortunately, even though many phone calls have been made to ask for assistance, there is no financial help except through your generosity. More information about the couple’s struggles will appear in the Summer Newsletter, which should arrive in late August/early September. 

You can make a donation through this page via Canada Helps.  Just follow the link at the bottom of any page. Put BABY FUND in the "Private Message" section or in the "Dedication Information" section.

Other ways to donate:  Please specify that this donation is for the BABY FUND.

1) Cheque: Make a cheque out to Windsor-Essex County Right to Life. 2541 Jefferson Blvd. Windsor, ON N8T 2W5

2) E-Transfer to

3) A one-time Visa payment. Please phone 519 969 7555 and speak with Sue.

All donations will receive a tax receipt.  On August 3rd, our Office Administrator will give a Cheque to the doctor’s office in person.  Your generosity is literally saving a child’s life. Thank You so much!

Every  Life is Precious

NEW: Guest Speaker Robert Ouellette's Talk for our Local March for Life on May 7th, 2023.  Go to Local Pro-Life Events and scroll to Local May the arrow to the left to find the talk.  It's excellent!